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Bodyweight at Home Workout Series 3

Hello and welcome back to our third posting in our Bodyweight at Home Workout series. Our previous two workouts can be found here Workout 1 and here Workout 2

We have another giant set featured this week with this one coming in at 5 exercises this time and once again the goal is to complete it a total of 4 times. The 3 exercises to open up this workout Skater Burpees, Breakdancer planks and 360 planks are quite difficult to perform and definitely require a fair amount of strength and practice to execute correctly. Once again focus on your form but keep an eye on the time so that you can set a baseline to try and beat the next time you give this a try.

The workout is as follows

4 Rounds

Skater Burpees x 12 per leg

Breakdancer Plank x 20 each side

360 Planks x 20 spins

Alternating Single Leg Bridge x 40(20 each)

Squat Thrusts x 25

Let us know how it goes and as always Stay Strong!

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