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Bodyweight at Home Workout Series 2

Hello and welcome back to our second posting in our Bodyweight at Home Workout series. Last week we posted our first blog/video here

Our workout this week comes in the form of a giant set(4 or more exercises/in this weeks case 4) completed a total of 4 times. This workout with its focus on alternating between lower and upper body movements as well as vertical to horizontal positioning provides for an excellent cardiovascular challenge in addition to the strength through an effect called Peripheral Heart Action(blog soon on this topic). Complete at your own pace maintaining solid form but keep an eye on total time to completion because our objective on subsequent attempts at this workout will be to do it a bit faster than the previous time.

The workout is as follows

4 Rounds

Forward Lunge/Reverse Lunge/Squat Combo x 15 per leg

Pushup Double Jacks x 15

Crab Toe Taps x 20 each

Burpee Jacks x 20

Let us know how this one goes and as always Stay Strong!

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