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Time based at home workout 2

Welcome back ASF Nation!

Our second time based at home workout involves 4 movements,

Bodyweight squats

Hand walkouts

Reverse Crunches

Alternating Low Plank obliques

But this time we'll be doing each movement for 3 minutes before moving onto the next movement in the workout. So we'll start with the bodyweight squats do as many repetitions as we can for 3 minutes and then move onto the hand walkouts. Work through 3 minutes of those before continuing to the Reverse Crunches for 3 minutes as well and then finish up with the alternating low plank obliques for 3 minutes. Rest during each 3 minute block whenever needed but keep count of how many you do. After you've done all 4 exercises take a brief rest and then repeat another 2 times. Add up the total for the entire workout and then try and beat it the next time you give this a go. Here is a brief video breakdown of the workout instructions as well as a demonstration of each movement.

Thanks for reading, good luck with the workout and as always Stay Strong!


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