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Time Based at home workout 1

Thanks for continuing to follow our in home workout series! Today we'll be shaking things up a bit and changing the element of how we do our workout. The vast majority of workouts utilize sets/reps for a prescribed number but a cool way to shake things up is to instead use time. So today we'll be doing 5 different movements for one minute a piece and trying to repeat a total of 5 times.

5 Rounds Dumbell Thruster 1 Minute Supine Bridge 1 Minute Low to High Plank 1 Minute Supine Leg Lifts 1 Minute Alternating High Plank Knee In 1 Minute

Rest as necessary but keep an eye on measuring the total time it takes to complete all 5 rounds. We'll be looking to improve on that time as we repeat this workout. Here is a quick video of both the sequencing and execution of the movements.

Let us know how you do! And as always stay healthy and stay Strong.


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