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Battling the Covid 19 blues...

Happy Tuesday,

Mental health during the pandemic has been greatly understated in my opinion during these past few months. Humans are social beings, craving social interactions of all kinds. Plans to the beach, plans for dinner, plans for drinks... plans in general were halted.

We feed off of our surroundings, the articles we read, the shows we watch, the news we hear, and the hours of social media we have been consuming...

I ask you to think...

How many of those above were positive stories? Think long and hard...

Don't confuse my words... by no means am I saying you shouldn't be informed as to what is going on in your community or society...

What feel good stories, media, shows, or activities have you tried to level out the negative?

Make some effort to watch, read, do something positive... watch how that affects the rest of your day.

Working out or doing something active is an easy way to achieve that feeling... going for a walk, hike, bike ride, run, home yoga, virtual training, and all the many options out there.

Take care of yourself... care for the way you feel. Calm the overwhelming thoughts and just doing something.

Just my two cents,



Can you always control the outcome? No. But you can always control your response. You either pack it up and close down, or you respond with a plan - with an attempt at getting better.

Humans are known for being adaptive. We are gifted with a very detail orientated thought process. Spend some time in thought and ask yourself what can I do to protect myself from failure? We learn from failure and we adapt; then the success will follow.

Pre-Planning Prevents Poor Performance; so make a plan and see it through!

Whether it be health and fitness goals, work or career life or even personal relationships, it all stems from the same process.




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