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Organize Your Life for Fall

Most of the 9 to 5'ers out there knew when you had to be at work, and what time you could get out of bed. Most of you knew what time you need to be on the road before the morning commute deadlocks. You also knew what time the Bruin’s game (YEAH I KNOW THEY LOST!!!) or Grey’s Anatomy, and where you were watching it.

No offense but these are the same individuals that say they have “no time” to workout… (Just imagine my heavy eye roll)… but the fact of the matter is YOU are making a schedule whether YOU know it or not. Meaning to me there is hope for you.


Organize Your Time

Covid 19 killed your routine, said stop you social activities, well time has come to phase back in to "normalcy". Some of you are back to work, others are home for the next year and change...

Whats stopping you from finally making a schedule around your time?

Schedule your workouts, and treat exercise time like any other appointment.

Pick a specific time each week to review your calendar for the days ahead and schedule your workouts accordingly. Consistency is the best way to form habits, if you can keep your weeks the scheduled remotely the same you are more apt to succeed.

Take into consideration as well if you’ll need time to shower and change before you go out on a date, venture on the couch, or jump on a ZOOM call. Prep your food for your post workout munchies.

I ask my clients to anticipate any unexpected obstacles that might arise, like when you boss throw a ton of emails at you at 4:50pm (PRE Covid 19), now this happens at all hours of the day. Life happens so have a backup plan.

Reviewing your schedule for the upcoming week will help you to figure out where and when you’ll be eating meals. FIRST you need some educated knowledge on what foods you’ll need to have on hand, and when you’ll have time to cook.

Be proactive, start following some health IG accounts for inspiration and maybe some Pinterest boards, even better some Recipe Blogs, like our own Lauren Sharifi MPH RD LDN !!

Welcome to your food “Renaissance”, on the days you have meetings that usually run late, you need to be ready. Bring back the paper bag lunch (figuratively speaking), or a

rm yourself with some Gladwear.

Stock your HOME with healthy snacks for when hunger hits. Plan when you can go to the grocery store to buy what you’ll need and schedule shopping into your calendar.

Do not plan elaborate meals for the days you usually get stuck with a heavy work load, plan that epic crockpot recipe you saw last week and throw together in the morning, after all, you are probably 2-3 rooms away from the kitchen.

Grilled chicken and frozen veggies will always trump takeout, so don’t be afraid to have that pre-cooked in the fridge waiting for your long walk to the kitchen.


Organize your evening to establish a bedtime routine that keeps you well rested

 Sleep deprivation messes with the hormones that signal hunger and fullness levels. Aka you turn into one of Snow White’s Dwarves…  Plus, when you’re tired, you’re more emotional and your willpower wanes… so caving to your old ways is more comfortable. An organized and consistent sleep schedule won’t just make you feel better—it’ll keep you focused and help you reach your weight-gain/loss goal.


Can you always control the outcome? No. But you can always control your response. You either pack it up and close down, or you respond with a plan - with an attempt at getting better.

Humans are known for being adaptive. We are gifted with a very detail orientated thought process. Spend some time in thought and ask yourself what can I do to protect myself from failure? We learn from failure and we adapt; then the success will follow.

Pre-Planning Prevents Poor Performance; so make a plan and see it through!

Whether it be health and fitness goals, work or career life or even personal relationships, it all stems from the same process.


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