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At home workout challenge 25 squats/25 pushups

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Here is another workout you can do the comfort of your home(or really anywhere!). Its just two exercises done back to back and then repeated 10 times. Start with a body weight squat for 25 reps and then immediately do pushups for 25 reps. Keep time and try and get through the workout as quickly as possible while maintaining optimal form. This is a pretty tough workout for both muscle endurance as well as the cardiovascular system so there are multiple ways to scale this if the initial idea of 250 squats and pushups seems too challenging. You can change to a different rep scheme such as a 10/10 or even modify the exercises as needed such as doing the pushups from an elevated position. Feel free to message, comment or email us with questions!

Good luck and as always Stay Strong!


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