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ASF Challenge workout. Can you pass the Pullup Pushup Challenge?

Welcome to the first of our Always Strong Fitness challenge workouts. This is a time based workout using just two body weight exercises Pullups and Pushups. The two exercises are sequenced as follows.

10 pullups and 20 pushups

9 pullups and 19 pushups

8 pullups and 18 pushups

7 pullups and 17 pushups

6 pullups and 16 pushups

5 pullups and 15 pushups

4 pullups and 14 pushups

3 pullups and 13 pushups

2 pullups and 12 pushups

1 pullup and 11 pushups

Once finished you will have completed a total of 55 Pullups and 155 Pushups. While finishing this at all is impressive our goal here is to do it for time to set a baseline and try to beat it the next time you try it. Bonus points if you decide to do a second round from the top!

Video and time of my attempt.

In case you were wondering this is a great test of muscular endurance and time based workouts in general(as long as form is maintained) are a great way to measure progess and add density to a workout.

Moving forward we're planning on not only putting together more challenge workouts but also putting together prizes for taking part in them. Let us know how you do with this one and as Always Stay Strong!

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