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'tis the Season for Adventure

With it finally feeling like Spring here in NEW ENGLAND, I find myself wanting to sign up for outdoor activities and plan events/activities based outside.

Ole Faithful

Maine has been an escape from the busy city of Boston for years now. Some look forward to the "new" activities, I find myself filling my spare time with friends from college passing thru our old stomping grounds of Portland and Frye Island ferry trips. By no means is this boring or even uneventful but doesn't necessarily fill the void of adventure I'm looking forward to this summer.

The Challenge

After attending a fundraiser this weekend for one of my best friend's mother, I find myself wanting to fill my spare time with participating in something more meaningful. I plan to do a few road races that benefit charities whose misson aligns with my personal beliefs.

The Adventure

Few weeks back I picked up a new hobby, Archery. Now I'm by no means trying to be Robin Hood or the next Cameron Hanes...but I will be participating in a few 3D Target Archery events. Why do I bring this up? Well it's outside... it's's EXCITING... Lastly, it's a challenge based around wellness and health.

If you know anything about us here at ASF, you know we love sports and new challenges. Sean loves the outdoors and fun in the sun, Vince loves hitting mitts and playing music, I'm constantly playing in lacrosse leagues. All of us have goals for the next few months and that is no different for anyone else who reads this lil' post.

I challenge you all to do something outside of your normal routine! I did and plan to do more... Let us know what it is and maybe we can join in... or at least sync you up with a local event.

The Process

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