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The Always Strong Elite: Jovan Miller

Over the past few months I have been collecting stories, segments, and statements of adversity in how it pertains to health and wellness. As a former collegiate lacrosse athlete myself, Jovan Miller came to mind. As a Syracuse University Graduate, 2x All American and 2x National Champion caliber athlete with all the skills you need to win. You probably aren't aware he continued his thirst for education at Queens University of Charlotte receiving another BS, by no means did he stop there. Miller went oversees for his next adventure, receiving a MS from Loughborough University.

With his wealth of knowledge I've followed his Facebook account where he would post thought provoking topics, which led me to his blog. I wasn't just a fan of his talents on the lacrosse field, but his insights as well. That being said I leave you with his piece on adversity.


"When you are at your lowest, most vulnerable point in life, how do you respond? It’s a question with an ever-changing answer. With each year that passes, your perspective changes through experience. Although the trials and tribulations may vary, the feelings with every life lesson does not change but the effects do. The late, great Muhammad Ali said that if you’re the same person you are today that you were 10 to 15 years ago, then you’ve wasted 10 to 15 years of your life. As much as we all desire merit for our accomplishments in life, it is sometimes the unspoken, internal victories that we should seek to achieve. Sports and life run that parallel like no other comparisons. Being able to bounce back after disappointment is the first step in learning the lesson of adversity. It is not enough just to find meaning in the positive results, but the self-awareness to re-evaluate one’s self daily to be the best for not only personal gain but for the benefit of those around. With every passing day take time to put your current state in life and your aspirations in perspective on how to get to where you want to go." -Jovan Miller

Jovan Miller playing for the Florida Launch in a contest against the Boston Cannons at Harvard Stadium in Cambridge, MA.

Always Strong Elite: Jovan Miller

BS Syracuse University '11

BS Queens University of Charlotte '15

MS Loughborough University '16

2X National Champion (2008,2009)

2X All-American (2010,2011)

Syracuse University All-Century Team

8th overall pick in 2011 MLL Draft (Rochester Rattlers)

Break through the boundaries, and leave your mark.


To see other pieces written by Miller go to his site! Click Here!

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