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Top 4 Home Stress-Reducing Activities

1. Do a quick exercise Quick bursts of movement are great if your stress is making you feel jittery or like your heart is beating faster than normal. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a set of 20 jumping jacks, 10 pushups or sit-ups, or running in place for 30 seconds—a burst of activity gets your heart rate up, and even if brief, will activate several neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine that enhance your mood and help cushion some of that anxiety and stress

2. Do something tactile

Getting out of your head and into your senses (in this case, your sense of touch) can bring you back to the here and now. Whether that’s popping bubble wrap, sorting your change jar to cash in at the bank, or making homemade slime with the littles, it brings you back into your body. Or you can try this quickie exercise. “Ask yourself: What’s one thing I can smell, one thing I can taste, one thing I can touch, etc.,” “Activating all the senses is a good grounded technique.”

3. Point your brain at a problem If the stress is more mental than physical and you feel your mind looping around itself, give yourself a discrete task, such as organizing your shoes or doing a word puzzle. “When you’re stressed, your brain may be saying, ‘we’ve got a problem to solve’ so it keeps spinning. That’s a good time to engage your mind,” If you give it a task to focus on, you’ll feel calmer and be better able to deal with what’s actually stressing you out.

4. Dance like no one is watching Putting on your favorite playlist and letting loose is, of course, good exercise, which is a long-studied stress-reliever. “It also engages the mind and brings on feelings of inspiration,”. Dancing to music from a happy time and place in your life can trigger positive memories, as well, taking your mind off your stress. One caveat: Not everyone feels comfortable dancing, even solo, and that’s fine. “Some people get stressed out when they feel pressured to dance,” so do what feels right to you.

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Can you always control the outcome? No. But you can always control your response. You either pack it up and close down, or you respond with a plan - with an attempt at getting better.

Humans are known for being adaptive. We are gifted with a very detail orientated thought process. Spend some time in thought and ask yourself what can I do to protect myself from failure? We learn from failure and we adapt; then the success will follow.

Pre-Planning Prevents Poor Performance; so make a plan and see it through!

Whether it be health and fitness goals, work or career life or even personal relationships, it all stems from the same process.



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