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Bring the Heat in the Kitchen!!!


Hot foods, such as peppers and sauces, contain an ingredient called capsaicin. Capsaicin can be a very effective pain reliever and is even used topically for neuropathy pain. Hot peppers can also boost your immune system, helping to ward off germs that can cause illness.



  • All you need is either a Motor and Pestle or Food Processor


  • Peppers : the absolute STAR of the hot sauce. Make sure you pick the type of pepper that has the best flavor you’re looking for. This is the dominant flavor in this sauce, so choose it wisely. Green Chilis, Red Chilis, Habaneros, Jalapeños, Ghost Peppers ETC

  • Garlic

  • Salt (Coarse Sea Salt is Best, as an abrasive)

  • Vinegar (just 2 tablespoons to add the saucy-ness, not flavor)

  • Olive oil (also to emulsify and create the sauce consistency)

  • Herbs : Cilantro and a touch of mint

  • Optional: Sweet bell pepper, or even mango to balance out the heat.



  • Start with quality peppers for the utmost flavor. Also keep in mind the level of heat, not just the flavor of the peppers.

  • Use a sweet bell pepper or mango slice to offset the heat from the hot peppers.

  • The amount of vinegar is just to create a slight sauce and the flavor of vinegar is not meant to be dominating.

  • The hot sauce is meant to be chunky, so don’t over process it.

  • Adding a thin layer of oil over the top of the sauce helps preserve the sauce.

  • Store the sauce in your fridge for up to 3 months.

  • For the Salt–to use the full tablespoon of coarse salt, make sure you’re using Kosher or Sea salt.

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