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5 Reasons to Become a Always Strong Fitness Franchise Owner

Brand Name Recognition

When you start a business from scratch, you will have to fight to establish your name in the industry and local market. You will also have to prove yourself to potential new customers. Always Strong Fitness has spent years establishing itself as one of the best personal training companies on the market. We can also help eliminate the headaches that come with starting a new business. Helping you with everything from finding a location, negotiating the lease, setting up your space and fine tuning the appearance.


Always Strong Fitness Systems

Anyone who has ever run a business knows the importance of having a system. When you become a franchise owner at ASF, you become part of a proven system. We have already put in the work to establish an easy to follow system. We have systems in place for everything from computer programs for the everyday duties to the on boarding process of new customers.



Once you become part of our team we will train you on everything you need to be a successful franchise. Our training program covers everything you need to have a successful ASF business. We cover everything from your opening timetable, corporate structure and financing to hiring, staffing and sales. Our goal is to make sure you are strong in all areas of ASF systems which in return will help to the success of your business.

Marketing and Advertising

One of the most important parts of having a successful business is marketing. Here at ASF we have systems in place to help you with this. We will train you on everything from guerilla marketing, community involvement to paid local advertising. We will also help you establish your business through social media and other marketing tools.


Ongoing Support

Starting a new business can be tough. Even tougher if you are trying to do it alone. When you become an owner at Always Strong Fitness, you become part of a team. We are always here to help you. Whether it's coming to your location to help with your grand opening or picking up the phone to coach you through a training issue, we are here for you. At ASF we aim to inspire, coach and motivate our clients/patrons to reach further than they ever have thought possible. To reach levels of fitness they never thought possible, is not only the ultimate boost of self-confidence but beneficial to their overall health. Their goal is our goal. Together we accomplish those goals, develop a happier self and move on to new and exciting goals. Together, we are Always Strong.


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