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Always Strong Client Spotlight: Michael Welles

Michael Welles

Age: 62

Occupation: High Tech Exec

Personal History/Bio:

I'm a tech guy having worked 40+ years in companies like Data General, Lotus Development, Individual Inc, NMSS Communications, and finally S2 Security Corporation which I co-founded fifteen years ago. I love to hike, bike and climb in all seasons, I play French Horn in the Wellesley Symphony and other local groups and am an active private pilot.

What brought you to Always Strong Fitness?

My wife suggested that Ross might be able to help me avoid a second shoulder surgery as things were seizing up slowly but surely again. She had been going to ASF for a year and getting great results. I thought, me..., a gym..., a trainer? How is that going to help?? In the back of my head, I knew I needed some professional help. I had tried traditional physical therapy and had laparoscopic surgery on both shoulders. I also knew that I needed to address over developed and tight leg muscles from years of running as well as under developed muscles every place else affecting posture and more. But a gym?

How would you explain Always Strong Fitness to someone else?

ASF is fantastic !!! ASF is staffed by a team of professional Trainers. First, they listen. They want to understand your issues and your goals. Second, they observe. The ASF team all are expert at how the skeleton and muscles work whatever shape or age you might be. In my case Ross quickly assessed the areas we had to build first in order to correct posture and range of motion. Since he uniquely understands how the body works, he worked to build up muscles to "protect" my shoulders, and then we began working on core and legs. I now have a daily routine that I mix in with biking and running as well as my weekly session at ASF which extend the base we've built. Surgery is now a distant memory. And, to my great surprise the ASF environment turned out to be a great experience with a wide range of like minded people. It is NOT a "gym rat" meat house. It is a very supportive environment with a set of friends of all ages working towards personal goals.

How has your new level of fitness impacted your day to day life?

I have substantial range of motion and strength in both arms now to the point of being able to rock climb again with my sons; I thought those days were over. My posture is much better and back pain is a thing of the past. Work on legs has substantially improved my endurance and ability to push hard up steep trails over a long day with no leg cramps. ASF has given me back priceless capability to continue enjoying active elements of my life.


Unique to other fitness studios we aim to support those who feel as if they can't do something they once loved. In Michael's case is was enjoying outdoor activities with his family, and over coming pain in his shoulders. Seeing clients evolve over months of training is nothing short of heart warming. Not only did he achieve his goal of going through day to day life pain free, he gained a renewed passion for Rock Climbing and Trail Running.

Michael Welles you are Always Strong!

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