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BS Exercise Science and Kinesiology

A Graduate of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, has a BS in Exercise Science with a concentration in coaching and minor in Sports Management. His certifications include ISCA CPT, NASM MMACS, NASM BCS, and ISCA KICKBOXING. From the age of 6, Ross was involved in martial arts that included Tae Kwon Do, Kempo, Goju Ryu, and Ju-jitsu. Martial arts helped Ross find his passion for teaching and educating in a fitness and wellness setting. Working with numerous clients over the past six years, developing new habits and setting attainable goals are two of his favorite parts about meeting new clients. Known for having a “foodie” outlook of dining and appreciating his Italian heritage with home-style cooking with a healthy twist. Along with preparing food, reading about sustainable food and its development through the years. Rounding out his hobbies: Ross enjoys training and conditioning student athletes at MIT, along with traveling to Maine to “unplug”.

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