Can You Control the Outcome?

How many times have you heard someone say, "you need to have a back up plan?”

How many stories are there about the person who wakes up every morning, battles the morning commute and sits in the cubicle at a job they don’t love? Then all of a sudden on just another casual Friday, their desk is empty.

Do they have a back up plan? Because they were just fired. Now what?

They had something that was called a "safe" job.

In today's society, which built around 140 characters or less, what happens next? I can tell you there will almost immediately be a Facebook post or a Tweet, and it's definitely not unwarranted.

However, isn’t it mind blowing that this comes before a phone call to a support system; like a parent?

The entitled self asks, "how dare they?" Meanwhile, the real question that should be reflected upon is, “what made me dispensable in the first place?”

There seems to be this overarching notion asking who I can blame. After all, I did what society told me to do. I went to college, got a job, had benefits and I paid my bills. Where did I go wrong?

In terms of getting to the point. . . They were comfortable.

Can you always control the outcome? No. But you can always control your response! You either pack it up and close down, or you respond with a plan - with an attempt at getting better.

Humans are known for being adaptive. We are gifted with a very detail orientated thought process. Spend some time in thought and ask yourself what can I do to protect myself from failure? We learn from failure and we adapt; then the success will follow.

Pre-Planning Prevents Poor Performance; so make a plan and see it through!

No ones life is perfect, so what makes you think yours will be?

Whether it be health and fitness goals, work or career life or even personal relationships, it all stems from the same process.


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