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ASF Challenge workout. Can you pass the Pullup Pushup Challenge?

Welcome to the first of our Always Strong Fitness challenge workouts. This is a time based workout using just two body weight exercises Pullups and Pushups. The two exercises are sequenced as follows. 10 pullups and 20 pushups 9 pullups and 19 pushups 8 pullups and 18 pushups 7 pullups and 17 pushups 6 pullups and 16 pushups 5 pullups and 15 pushups 4 pullups and 14 pushups 3 pullups and 13 pushups 2 pullups and 12 pushups 1 pullup and 11 pushups Once finished you will have completed a total of 55 Pullups and 155 Pushups. While finishing this at all is impressive our goal here is to do it for time to set a baseline and try to beat it the next time you try it. Bonus points if you decide to do