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A Humble Reflection of Adversity: Higher Learning

There I was, a recent high school graduate caught in the midst of a terrible heroin and crack cocaine addiction. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, and after taking a long look at this time in my life I am fully aware that the drugs and alcohol were never the problem. In fact, I believe whole heartedly that the drugs and alcohol were my misguided and selfish solution to the problem. I say selfish because I never once thought about how my choices were going to affect those around me who loved me unconditionally. It felt as if I was the center of my own universe; and if I was not getting what I believed was owed to me, I became resentful. But it wasn’t always that easy for me to distinguish be

Can You Control the Outcome?

How many times have you heard someone say, "you need to have a back up plan?” How many stories are there about the person who wakes up every morning, battles the morning commute and sits in the cubicle at a job they don’t love? Then all of a sudden on just another casual Friday, their desk is empty. Do they have a back up plan? Because they were just fired. Now what? They had something that was called a "safe" job. In today's society, which built around 140 characters or less, what happens next? I can tell you there will almost immediately be a Facebook post or a Tweet, and it's definitely not unwarranted. However, isn’t it mind blowing that this comes before a phone call to a support system

A Humble Reflection of Adversity: Lost in Translation

Before I continue on with my story I would like to mention that I was overcome with anxiety as I was brainstorming this installment in the series. A lot of these memories bring me back to a time in my life that was very dark, very lonely and very confusing. I am not writing this so the reader feels bad for my situation, I am writing this to let you know we all have our fears. Fear is a normal emotion, and in the animal kingdom fear often times keeps those lower on the food chain alive. So in this regard fear is often times a balancing act between the rational and the irrational. I have already survived this part of my life, and it has shaped me into the person I am today. Without the trials

A Humble Reflection of Adversity: Who am I?

Whenever someone asks me to describe myself, I almost always become confused and uneasy about what that question actually means. Do they mean my physical attributes? Do they mean the standardized test type questions that you can only answer with a #2 pencil? Do they mean I should describe myself how I think the world wants me to appear at certain stages of my life? Well in any case, I don’t really believe any of those options hold much weight if you really want to get to know someone. All those questions serve their purpose, but none of them could ever fully encapsulate what makes our hearts beat faster with love and excitement, our hairs stand up in awe and amazement or our eyes swell with

A Humble Reflection of Adversity

Over the past few decades, writers and psychologists have been focusing on the specific amount of time it takes to become a "master" at any given discipline. The answer that was widely debated, with many alternative points of view being released, was 10,000 hours. I don't believe this is the be all end all, but as a whole I believe it helps to give most people a solid jump off point to any new hobby or skill they would like to undertake. My point is not to deter people from taking up a new path in life simply because it seems like a tall order. For if that were the case, I would be pigeon holed into a job that didn't suit my personality or my dreams. For if that were the case, I would have l